We provide Industry 4.0 solution & services by developing Cyber Physical Systems. We guide our customers and develop building blocks for Digital Business Transformation through Collaboration of Product function, Industry Process and latest Technology.

Our team consists of Industry Domain knowledge experts having experience in OT & IT for more than 60+ years. Our IT, Mechatronic team & Automation experts have developed several modular solutions and keen to take a challenge by engaging with the industry problems to offer solutions with new technology.

We solve complex problems and connect Shop Floor to Top Floor by giving valuable insights of Business operations to Key Business leaders for taking Right Business decisions.

Manufacturing is said to be a data-rich but information poor industry. Simply because there's no information that's being generated from that data. It has always been a very siloed way of operation. And up to now, there hasn't been an ability to ensure that production assets from various vendors can communicate with each other.

But going forward, the only way to gain a competitive advantage is to be able to tap into the huge volumes of operational data from these diverse systems. Retrofitting sensors to old equipment where necessary. And using this information address common challenges such as unplanned downtime and inefficient processes.

Digital Transformation is enabling companies to enhance their capabilities, increase their reach and maximise returns across their asset and operations value chains. Pivotal technologies like cloud computing, the industrial Internet of things (IIoT), artificial intelligence, and augmented and virtual reality, are transforming traditional industrial operations. These innovations represent unprecedented potential growth opportunities for businesses. But they also expose new risk to the modern enterprise like cybersecurity and data privacy. These factors introduce new uncertainty into the industrial business environment. And to achieve that, you are going to need a platform that enables you to aggregate data from a wide range of industrial assets and provide actionable analytics on it.

MAPP suite is a comprehensive suite platform that brings edge-to-enterprise analytics, industrial internet of things (IIoT) into industrial operations. It consolidates Information Technology(IT) with Operational Technology (OT) from existing equipments and systems.